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Kolibri Expeditions offer a variety of programs also to other countries in the Neotropics, but we usually do not have fixed departures. The trips below will be organised on request. The itineraries must therefore be seen as a draft before individual considerations. Whenever there is a trip scheduled this will show on this page. Come back to it and check once in a while for changes.

Jujuy to Buenos Aires Connection
North-East Argentina - Entre Rios, Ibera Marshes and Iguazu

Iguazu falls and Strange-tailed and Cock-tailed Tyrants near Iberia, as well as many localized seedeaters, are the highlights on this trip.

North-west Argentina
16 days. North-west Argentina has a number of regionalized birds, which makes this circuit a must for many birders. The Rufous-throated Dipper is one of the highlights.
21 days. Complete Argentina and Chile Patagonia trip.

Birding Bolivia endemics incl Blue-throated Macaw and Pakachulpa Cotinga
Endemic birds in Bolivia 29 days. Can be made into shorter legs if requested.
Cochabamba - endemics
9 days.

Bird Photography in South East Brazil 8 days
This is a shorter version of our 11 day trip to SE Brazil which concentrate our effort to great places for bird photography, especially hummingbirds and tanagers. But there is also good general birding.
Birding Brazil. Chapada de Guimaraes and Harpy Eagle
We run this tour principally when there is a good chance of seeing Harpy Eagle at Serra das Araras. The birding and wildlife is great regardless, so we can certainly run this tour as an extension to our Pantanal program any time you like.
Birding North East Brazil 3 weeks
Kolibri Expeditions pilot trip to NE Brazil. Gunnar spend 10 days in NE Brazil in 2018, and this time will expand to three weeks, with the help of local guide. It shall be an intense trip around North East Brazil for the endemics and the top birds.
Jaguar Safari and Birding in Pantanal
SE Brazil - Short slow pace itinerary. 11 days

We shall concentrate our birding in three areas. Intervales State Park, Ubatuba-Angra dos Reis and finally the great Itatiaia National Park.

Arica (Chile) - Jujuy (NW Argentina) Connection

�For those that want to do a complete Chile and Argentina birding circuit starting from Chile or Peru, this route makes sense. Also best places for Chilean Woodstar, Tamarugo Conebill, Red-backed Sierra-Finch, Puna Rhea and Horned Coot. The latter is very difficult nowadays at its classic site at Laguna Horcones on the main NW Argentina route.

Arica and Lauca National Park. North Chile

Pelagic, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Puna Rhea, Chilean Woodstar and many more.

Central Chile and Juan Fernandez Archipelago
13 days. Seabirding in the Juan Fernandez Arquipelago. Tapaculos and specialities in Central Chile.
Santiago day trip - El Yeso.
High Andes day trip (only between november and february)
Santiago Day trip: Batuco Lagoon and Lampa Area
Birding close to Santiago. Painted Snipe (sometimes) and chilean endemic species as Dusky-tailed Canastero, Moustached Turca, Chilean Mockingbird, and the difficult to find Chilean Tinamou.
Santiago day trip: Precordillera - many endemics
Endemic birds near Santiago on a full day trip

Colombia: NE. Recurve-billed Bushbird and Santa Marta Endemics 13 days.
This tour is an add-on to the West and Central Colombia itinerary, but it may also be taken as a separate trip of course. We bird North East Colombia visiting several sites en route between Bogotá and Santa Marta for 13 days. The itinerary is packed with endemics and the effort you have to put in is less strenuous than the 19 day itinerary.Cool birds include Cundinamarca Antpitta, Recurve-billed Bushbird, Niceforo's Wren, Santa Marta Parakeet, White-tailed Starfrontlet and 18 other Santa Marta Endemics.
Colombia: West and Central 19 days
Endemic birds in Cauca and Magdalena valley with some Choc? birding on the Pacific slope. Keybirds include. Gold-ringed Tanager and Black-and-Gold Tanager, Brown-banded Antpitta, Yellow-eared Parrot, Fuerte's Parrot, Rusty-faced Parrot, Rufous-fronted Parakeet, Dusky Starfrontlet, Parker's Antbird, Chestnut-capped Piha, Blue-knobbed Curassow, Beautiful Woodpecker, White-mantled Barbet, Tolima Dove, etc.

Antpitta and Ground Cuckoo Twitch in Peru and Ecuador 20 days.
An epic tour starting in Tarapoto, Peru ending in Quito, Ecuador. We have selected an itinerary that will visit all the best places for Antpittas in Northern Peru and Ecuador. Apart from Pale-billed, Jocotoco, Ochre-fronted, Giant, Moustached and Rufous-crowned Antpittas, we shall also be looking for Banded Ground-Cuckoo which is currently staked out at Un Poco de Choco reserve, Marvelous Spatuletail and Long-whiskered Owlet.
East slope special
East Ecuador
North-west Ecuador
2 weeks.
South Ecuador
2 weeks.

Guyana with Roraima hike and Suriname extension
This is the complete Guyana trip all categories and the full trip should be taken for people that has lots of South America experiences and want to fill holes in their South America list, but it can also be suited as a first visit to South America combining the first week with a more standard adventure trip down river searching for Jaguar and Harpy Eagle. (PRICE TBA)

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