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1/2 DAY
Arequipa half day birding Chiguata Polylepis
A short trip to the Polylepis scrub above Chiguata at 3600-3800m helps prepare against altitude problems later. Good chance of seeing Tamarugo Conebill and White-throated Earthcreeper.
Arequipa half day birding Lago Salinas
The trip serves as altitude training as it is only a short exposure to altitude of 4300m. We'll look for Puna Flamingo, James's Flamingo and Chilean Flamingo and Andean Avocet
Cusco or Sacred Valley: Half day birding tour.
A very short morning or afternoon trip for people on cultural tours with a half day off in Cusco area. You can choose to do two different half day tours with different content.
Lima days: El Olivar Park and Pantanos de Villa
Good introduction to the birds of LIma
LIMA DAYS: La Punta and Pozo Arenillas
Good introduction to the birds in Lima. The trip can be run almost anytime. A short trip to do very close to the airport. Perfect  for a short trip to kill time. Especially good for North American waders, gulls and terns - September-April is the best time migrating birds, but it is always something to see.
Lima Days: Palomino Islets and La Poza Arenilla en La Punta
Visit South American Sealions, Humboldt Penguin and the Palomino guano islands off La Punta, Callao with a good bird guide.
Lima Days: Ventanilla Lagoons - a few hours to kill near airport

Great wetland area just north of the airport. Combine with La Punta.

Birding Arequipa 1 day.
The best full day birding tour one can make in Arequipa is to Laguna Salinas and Chiguata to see all three species of flamingos and birds of the Polylepis scrub, as well as Tamarugo Conebill and White-throated Earthcreeper. .
Cusco day trip. Chonta Condors and Apurimac Endemics at Sorayapampa
Two new areas visited during a LONG day trip from Cusco, with best place to watch Vilcabamba Tapaculo, Apurimac Spinetail and Apurimac Brush-Finch, as well as a fairly strenuous 3.5km hike (and 3.5 km back of course) at 3400m for spectacular views of Andean Condor over the breath-taking Apurimac river.
Cusco/Ollantaytambo birding day trip: Abra Malaga
Day trip to Abra Malaga to sample some of the best birds of Peru. Trip starts preferably from Ollantaytambo, but if needed be it can also start from Cuzco.
Cuzco altitude adaptation. Birding Cuzco-Ollantaytambo
Arriving at 3400 meters from sea level, and stay there, is a bit too much for many people. Therefore, to fight altitude sickness it is a good idea not stay in Cuzco the first night, but rather bird and sightseeing your way down to Ollantaytambo.
Cuzco Birding Day trip: Huacarpay and San Salvador full day
We visit two sites. The Huacarpay lake near Cusco good for waterbirds and the Andean slopes above San Salvador good for various passerined. Targets include Giant Coot and Bearded Mountaineer.
Machu Picchu: Independant one day or two day trip
Machu Picchu in just one day or two day. A budget version for very small groups and those with limited time.
Bird photography in Lima
A program specifically directed to bird photographers.Close ups of Inca Tern and the use hides at the Villa wetlands. Many other tours in the Lima area can be adpated to suit bird photographers. Just let us know.
Junin Grebe twitch
If you want to get the Junin Grebe but have little time and worry about altitude sickness, a fast way to do it is to start at midnight in Lima and go to Junin, see the Grebe and the Rail and then come back down to Lima again.
Lima days Tinajas valley close to Lima
Endemics Cactus Canastero and Thick-billed and Grayish Miners
Lima days: Daytrip to Santa Eulalia Canyon
A one day birding trip into the Andes concentrating on the endemics and specialities of the west slope such as Great Inca-Finch, Rusty-bellied Brush-Finch, Thick-billed Miner, Black-necked Woodpecker, Bronze-tailed Comet, Peruvian Sheartail and Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch.
Lima days: Daytrip to Ticlio and Marcopomacocha area
Diademed Sandpiper-Plover and White-bellied Cinclodes
Lima days: Lomas de Lachay and Paraiso Lagoon.
Endemic or near-endemic birds: Cactus Canastero, Thick-billed, Coastal and Grayish Miners. Also interesting flora with many endemic fog adapted plants and cacti. At Paraiso lagoons sometimes Peruvian Tern and Chilean Flamingo are seen.
Lima days: Pantanos de Villa, Pucusana, Puerto Viejo, Lomas de Asia and Cañete valley
One of our Lima favorites.
There are monthly departures. This is a Kolibri Expeditions special. The first regular departures of Pelagics in Peru is organized by us in 2001 we found three new species for Peru!!.
Piura-Chiclayo connection
Leisurely open area birding adding some localities which are not visited extensively on other Kolibri Expeditions itineraries such as Manglares de Vice and Puerto Eten. Perfect to add some less intense birding while traveling between Tumbes-Piura-Chiclayo.
Puerto Maldonado - Birding
Puerto Maldonado have some very special birds that can be easily looked for in the vicinity. It is worth to spend a morning before the flight looking for White-throated and Purus Jacamar and savanna birds such as Brazilian Teal and Southern Lapwing. With a full day other localities can be included.
Puerto Maldonado Day Trip: Cocha Tres Chimbadas
Visit an oxbow lake during a daytrip to see Giant Otter and a multitude of birds. Good Bamboo available with Peruvian Recurvebill and Rufous-headed Woodpecker possible.
Salaverry Cruise-ship special - Peruvian Plantcutter and Rufous Flycatcher
This day trip will make the most of birding wise of your stop at the port of Salaverry south of Trujillo. The key species to look for that you will not find in Guayaquil or Lima are Peruvian Plantcutter, Rufous Flycatcher, and an undescribed (s)sp of Neclaced Spinetail (without neclace!).
Different cruiships will have different length of stay, so time will limit exactly what will be done this day.
Condor watching trips to Santa Eulalia Canyon - only 3 hours from Lima

Daily condor watching trips. This is a short, inexpensive and time efficient alternative for those that had considered to go to Colca Canyon to see condors.

Lima days: Junin Grebe twitch 2 days
Main target: Junin Grebe and birds often missed in the Santa Eulalia Canyon.
Lima days: Santa Eulalia valley and Marcopomacocha
Classic Lima excursion for two or three days up into the Rimac drainage wiht 18 endemic species possible including White-bellied Cinclodes and White-cheeked Cotinga. Also one of the best places in South America to see Diademed Sandpiper Plover.
Puerto Maldonado-Cuzco or Puno.
Birding along the transoceanic highway from the lowlands of Puerto Maldonado to the puna of Puno or Cusco with a stop overnight in Mazuko.
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