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Lima days: Daytrip to Ticlio and Marcopomacocha area


White-bellied Cinclodes Cinclodes palliatus Ticlio, Perú Photo: Alejandro Tello

Introduction to Lima days:
Given under the heading of Lima Days are a couple of very easy Lima one day trips and our classic two to three days Santa Eulalia and Marcopomacocha circuit are some of our most popular trips. Some visitors will undoubtedly already have visited some of the sites, but after a long and dusty trip in interior Peru it may be a good idea to have a few days to spare in Lima. There are some great archeological museum in Lima, which should not be missed. During the Lima days hotel and dinner in Lima is not included. We have several hotel possibilities which we can book for you in a wide range of prices.

It is not meaningful to provide dates for these trips as they are running all the time. Best for you to contact us in advance and we will coordinate the best program for you. Our Lima trips include abundant breakfast and picnic lunch - the coastal programs sometimes with Ceviche lunches..

Also check these trips. 

Half day trips.

Perfect tours if you are short of time, want to do other activities in Lima as well, or perhaps have a plane to catch and some time to kill. 

Full day tours.

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Diademed Sandpiper-Plover Phegornis mitchellii Marcapomacocha, Perú Photo:Gunnar Engblom Daytrip to Ticlio and Marcopomacocha area.
We have recently found the both Diademed Sandpiper-Plover and White-bellied Cinclodes just off the main Central Highway near Ticlio pass. It is quite possible to just go up and down on a quest to see these magic species. Recommended start: 4-5 AM. It is possible to leave later if the two mentioned species are your prime targets, but during the months of November-March, the area clouds up after midday, why it is good to leave as early as possible.

Other special birds we see at this extreme altitude include Gray-breasted Seed-Snipe, Puna Snipe, Olivaceous Thornbill, Black-breasted Hillstar, Dark-winged Miner, Black Siskin, White-fronted Ground-Tyrant, White-winged Diuca-Finch and Junin Canastero. 

With luck sometimes we can spot Rufous-bellied Seed-snipe and Puna Tinamou. 



Option: Daytrip to Ticlio and Marcopomacocha Days: 1
Price: US$ 260 (Minimum 5 people).
Less than 5 people: (see pricing)

Price per person Includes transport, guiding, checklist, food and snacks. Drinks and personal expenses such as tips are not included.


Dear Gunnar,
I got back to my house late on the 23rd. I was exhausted! It was a long day of travel and a long trip in Peru with over 24 days of birding. One of the highlites of my time in Peru was the 3 day trip that I took with you and Simon. I saw over 50 life birds in those days; some of them were endemics or otherwise rare(the Shrike-Tyrants; White-cheeked Cotinga; etc.) but all of them were interesting. I particularly remember watching 2 Giant Coot building a nest and the graceful flight of Condors. The scenary was also beautiful.....
......Finally, I want to thank you for arranging this trip for me. It worked out great in many ways. Fortunately I did adapt to the altitude while I was in the Cusco area and was able to sleep quite well on the nights prior to meeting you in Lima. As a result I had the energy to really enjoy your 3 day tour.

Good birding,
Peter Coburn

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