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 SE Peru Amazon rain forest

5 day Manu Road Birding and Photography
A 5 day trip covering the best sites on the Manu road. Immensely diverse and loads of hummingbirds.
Birding Heath River Lodge
A new itinerary. Our scouting starts in January 2012. Eventually, this trip will be offered with a bird guide. As for now it is a great trip for photography as you get close to the macaws and gives a decent chance to see jaguars on the river bank of Rio Heath that seperates Peru from Bolivia. Trip leaves every Monday and Thursday.
Complete Manu Birding Tour 18 days
17 days birdwatching in South East Peru on the famous Manu road and the best lowland Manu lodges with the famous Macaw lick and Giant Otter lake.
Cusco to Puerto Maldonado Birding Overland
Birding the Interoceanica. road between Cusco and Puerto Maldonado. Many of the same species as the more famous Manu road occurs here. And it is accessible all year around.
Fågelskådning i sydöstra Peru-Manu och Machu Picchu

Fågelskådning i Manu National Park i sydöstra Peru för skandinaver.

Hummingbirds Manu and Machu Picchu
Can be booked at any time.
Hummingbirds: Manu and Machu Picchu Budget 12 days
Best trip for the person who wants to see as many of SE Peru's Hummingbirds as possible and inlcude a visit to Machu Picchu. We have chosen basic but adequate lodging. At Cock-of-the Rock Lodge we sleep in rooms wall to wall next to the diningroom. It is possible to upgrade to private cabins. 30US per person. Also possible to upgrade the hotel in Aguas Calientes.
Manu Road Bird Photography
Here is the best bird photography itinerary for mega diverse South East Peru with Macaw licks and Cock of the Rock. A trip of a lifetime. Both mobile bird photographers who want to get many species photographed as well as those who want to shoot with tripods near feeders, will find ample possibilities here.
Puerto Maldonado - Birding
Puerto Maldonado have some very special birds that can be easily looked for in the vicinity. It is worth to spend a morning before the flight looking for White-throated and Purus Jacamar and savanna birds such as Brazilian Teal and Southern Lapwing. With a full day other localities can be included.
Puerto Maldonado Day Trip: Cocha Tres Chimbadas
Visit an oxbow lake during a daytrip to see Giant Otter and a multitude of birds. Good Bamboo available with Peruvian Recurvebill and Rufous-headed Woodpecker possible.
South East Peru ENDEMICS. Manu road and Abra Malaga 13 days
We recommend to do SE Peru in 22 days for Manu and 4 days for Abra Malaga and Machu Picchu if SE Peru is to be done properly. However, if you want to concentrate on the species you cannot see elsewhere you may strip down the trip to only 13 days, and keep a very high pace. The reason why this is possible is that there are relatively few endemics and specialities in the lowlands apart from the bamboo birds. Since many of the bamboo birds can be gotten near Pilcopata relatively close to the road, it is possible to skip lowland Manu completely and still get most of the special birds.
The other SE Peru species are found in high Andean forests (Abra Malaga), in the cloud forest and in the foothills (on Manu road).
The Highlights of Manu

Manu with limited time. If this 10 day itinerary is placed to start on Friday or Saturday, it would allow you do to this program with only 6 days off from work.

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