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Payment & Cancellation

Payment conditions:

The reservation is valid when 30% of the total has been deposited as a registration. Please deposit the rest, 2 months before departure.  

We no longer maintain a bank account in the US, but have just started a new payment service from which you can pay with credit card (2.9% charge) or if you have a US checking acount no fee at all (at least two months before start of tour).

Since regular bank transfers to our Lima account, often can cost up to $100 per transfer in covering different fees on your side, our side and intermediary bank charges, any trip costing less than $3000 in total makes sense to pay with credit card via the new payment serice. 

You may still use our US Dollar Bank account in Lima of course. 

Banco de Credito del Perú 
Bank address: Las Camelias 780, San Isidro, Lima 27, Peru

Account Number: Cuenta Corriente 193-1139854-1-85  
In some countries it may be easier and cheaper to make just use the "Codigo de Cuenta Interbancario" (CCI). 
This is:
You have to pay for all other bank fees on your side, as well as those on our side. Don't be surprised if such charges are as much as $100 per transfer. 

Sometimes you also need to state the bank holders address.
Here it is:  
Gunnar Engblom/Kolibri Expeditions 
Arias Schreiber 192 of 300 
Miraflores 18

You may pay with credit card via Paypal if you like. Please add 6.5% to cover the costs on our end.
Cancellation policy:   If you cancel 2 months prior to departure you get your money back minus 200 dollars administrative fees. Cancellation between 60-30 days - 50% of total Less than 30 days: no refund. We expect 100% of total paid two months prior to departure.   

COVID-19 cancelation exceptions in 2022. 
If you need to cancel due to COVID the last minute, we offer to value your full deposited amount to be used in an another tour with us until 2025. If you are part of a private group and everyones want to cancel because of the COVID situation this gives you peace of mind. 

If you are part of a tour group of independent travellers having joined the same tour it is slightly more complicated. You would have to cover the small group surcharge, as it would not be fair to charge the other clients because of a no-show that has nothing to do with them. 

For example. 
You and your partner/friend have signed up for a 5 day tour, where there are now 6 participants with you. A few days before the trip you test positive to COVID (you need to provide a PCR test to show). You and your partner decide to cancel and use our COVID guarantee to travel at some other time. 
The remaining group are now just four people. It means there ought to be an $18 surcharge/day charged for each client (see Pricing) - $90 for the five days. In total $360 surcharge for the four clients. You and your partner would have to cover $360 between the two of you. 

Should there have been only five people in the group the surcharge with two people less is $50/day ($250 for five days) and thus $1000 in total which would be the charge to be split with your partner.  

Regardless and in any event, we do recommend you take a travel insurance before leaving. There are of course other risks involved with traveling, so a traveler's insurence is always a good investment. 
Please send your personal data of all participants in your party such as:
Name, email-address, nationality, passport number expiration date, occupation, date of birth, dietary restrictions and any health problems, diseases or treatments we should know about.
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