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 World Birding

Bird Photography in South East Brazil 8 days
This is a shorter version of our 11 day trip to SE Brazil which concentrate our effort to great places for bird photography, especially hummingbirds and tanagers. But there is also good general birding.
Best Birding of Yucatan
One week birding of Yucatan includes all endemics and the best Mayan archeological sites such as Chichen Itza and Calakmul
Birding Bolivia endemics incl Blue-throated Macaw and Pakachulpa Cotinga
Endemic birds in Bolivia 29 days. Can be made into shorter legs if requested.
Birding Brazil. Chapada de Guimaraes and Harpy Eagle
We run this tour principally when there is a good chance of seeing Harpy Eagle at Serra das Araras. The birding and wildlife is great regardless, so we can certainly run this tour as an extension to our Pantanal program any time you like.
Birding Colima Mountains
Many endemics in Colima mountains.
Birding North East Brazil 3 weeks
Kolibri Expeditions pilot trip to NE Brazil. Gunnar spend 10 days in NE Brazil in 2018, and this time will expand to three weeks, with the help of local guide. It shall be an intense trip around North East Brazil for the endemics and the top birds.
Birding San Blas
Incredibly biodiverse with many regional endemics.
Durango Highway, Classic Mexico birding
Endemic rich Durango HIghway with Tufted jay is a Mexico classic that should not be missed.
India: Birding, Tigers and Taj Mahal
A special tour designed to see some of the best locations in India, including Rahthambhore for Bengal tigers, birding at Keoladeo and Chambal, and the historic city of Agra including the Taj Mahal.
Jaguar Safari and Birding in Pantanal
Triunfo and Horned Guan
Triunfo hike with Horned Guan, Resplendent Quetzal and Tody Motmot is a birding classic that everyone needs to do once. One hikes from the Atlantic slope to the Pacific Slope in beautiful cloud forest.
Winter Birding and Bird Photography in Japan
A very attractive and affordable one week winter bird watching trip to Japan including the epic and photogenic birds, such as Steller's Eagle and Japanese Crane.

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