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North-East Argentina - Entre Rios, Ibera Marshes and Iguazu


No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Day 1. Costanera del Sur. When you arrive you will be taken to this area for some introductory birding in Buenos Aires.

Day 2. Otamendi-Padices-Colon. we shall be looking for Indigo Grossbeak near the Uruguayan border. At Otamendi some 66 km from Buenos Aires, some of the best birds include Curve-billed and Straight-billed Reedhunters as well as Diademed Tanager. At mid-morning we will drive towards Ceibas in the Entre Rios province. Most of the afternoon will be spent birding in this area checking out woodlands for White-fronted and Checkered Woodpeckers, Giant Wood-Rail, Xenopsaris and Brown Cachalote. The marshes will be searched for Saffron-cowled Black-birds and grasslands Tawny-bellied and Gray-and-Chestnut Seadeaters, as well as the mighty Greater Rhea. Night in Colon.

Day 3. AM: El Palmar National Park. The critically threatened Yellow Cardinal and Narosky's Seedeater also occur here. Black and White Monjita, Saffron-cowled Blackbird and Ochre-breasted Pipit are other likely species. At night we will look for Sickle-winged Nightjar. We shall be looking for Indigo Grossbeak near the Uruguayan border PM drive to Ibera via Concordia and Mercedes. Night in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.

Day 4. Ibera Marshes-Santo Tomé-Aristobulo del Valle. This should certainly be one of the highlights of the trip. The waterbirds including Jabiru, Limpkins and Roseate Spoonbills are overwhelming and the mighty Crowned Eagle is still quite a possible sight here. Mammals include Capibara, Marsh Deer and Howler monkeys. Star of the show, and probably the main target for many birders, is the beautiful Strange-tailed Tyrant.

Day 5. Salto Incartado-San Pedro-Araucaria Prov. Park. Araucaria Tit-Spinetail and Vinaceous-breasted Parrot. Night in San Pedro.

Day 6. San Pedro-Cruce Caballero-Eldorado-Wanda-Uruguai Prov. Park. Try for Black-masked Finch. Night in Wanda.

Day 7. Uruguai Prov. Park-Iguazú National Park. Night in Wanda.

Day 8-9. Iguazú National Park. Two full days. Over 400 species are known from the area. Some of the more sought are Solitary Tinamou, Spot-winged Wood-quail, Black-fronted Piping-guan, Great Dusky Swift, Violet-capped Woodnymph, Surucua Trogon, Red breasted Toucan, Blonde-crested and the rare Helmeted Woodpecker Woodpeckers, White-throated Woodcreeper, Black-billed Scythebill, Tufted and Spot-backed Antshrikes, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow, Blue Manakin, Drab breasted Bamboo Tyrant, Southern Bristle Tyrant, Southern Antpipit, Green-headed, Black-goggled and Ruby-crowned Tanagers. Toco Toucan and Plush-crested Jays are both pretty and common large and easily seen birds. Flight to Buenos Aires in the evening or the following morning.



Price: US$ 2520 (Minimum 5 people).
Less than 5 people: (see pricing)
Single supplement: 140 US$


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