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Birding Manu & Tambopata

Manu and Tambopata trips, and other trips in the SE rain forests (Madre de Dios).

GRAND MANU and THE MANU SPLIT - Manu road and Manu Biosphere reserve. 12 or 22 days

Manu road and Manu lowlands have received well worth attention in the past years. Over 1000 species of bird. This is our most complete itinerary.

Hummingbirds: Manu and Machu Picchu Budget

Best trip for the person who wants to see as many of SE Peru's Hummingbirds as possible and inlcude a visit to Machu Picchu. We have chosen basic but adequate lodging. At Cock-of-the Rock Lodge we sleep in rooms wall to wall next to the diningroom. It is possible to upgrade to private cabins. 30US per person. Also possible to upgrade the hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Manu community owned lodges 10 or 15 days - BUDGET!!

We are helping the local communities of Amarakaeri community reserve to put value into some recently built lodges in their communities. They have been funded by PNUD (UN fund for development) and FONDAM (Fondo de Americas of USAID). In spite of the name, this is just next to Manu NP and in the same drainage, so it could be marketed as Manu. Unfortunately, Wanamei (the Amarakaeri communities tour company) have a hard time selling their product. Last year they only had 20 clients all together! Bird watching could be the market niche.

The prices in the initial phase will be considerably lower than the current prices in the area and it would help the locals to both acquire income and experience. The idea is to put turn these lodges into prime birdwatching lodges in a specific circuit with our expertise. Kolibri Expeditions and Wanamei is working in making a partnership that is beneficial for both companies.

Manu Light - Manu road and lowlands in 13 days.

So what if you don''''''''''''''''t have 22 days available to do Manu and you still want to get some of the Manu road and some of lowlands. Well here it is. Manu Light. We have deliberately tried to keep costs down by using some resources in Pilcopata and Boca Manu.

Manu road 18 days (11 or 14 days also available)

18 days. Once a month April-December. +500 species.

Pampas del Heath - Kolibri Expeditions 10 year anniversary

Pampas del Heath presents practically the only savanna habitat in Peru and presents 14 species found nowhere else in Peru. We shall be camping 3 nights at Puerto Juliaca where the best Peruvian Pampas is. White-naped Xenopsaris was recorded as a new species for Peru in 2004.

South East Peru ENDEMICS. Manu and Machu Picchu 12 days

We recommend to do SE Peru in 22 days for Manu and 4 days for Abra Malaga and Machu Picchu if SE Peru is to be done properly. However, if you want to concentrate on the species you cannot see elsewhere you may strip down the trip to only 12 days, and keep a very high pace. The reason why this is possible is that there are relatively few endemics and specialities in the lowlands apart from the bamboo birds. Since many of the bamboo birds can be gotten near Pilcopata relatively close to the road, it is possible to skip lowland Manu completely and still get most of the special birds.
The other SE Peru species are found in high Andean forests (Abra Malaga), in the cloud forest (Machu Picchu) and in the foothills (on Manu road).

Marvelous Spatuletail Tours comfort trips.

On these trips we are most concerned to give you as comfortable lodging as possible, and look out for all the small details that you value. In the same time in excellent birding habitat of course. The border between our regular Kolibri Expedtions trios and the MST version has become less clear in the past years, as we are seeing less interest in budget trips and thus have raised the comfort bar on these. There are constantly also better lodging added to areas which did not have good lodging earlier. In any case below are listed the MST tours for SE Peru.

Archeology and Birding: Manu Biosphere Reserve

9 days. Compliment to our Archeology and birding trip over all Peru.

Hummingbirds: Manu and Machu Picchu

Can be booked at any time.

Lowland SE Peru specialties at Los Amigos Research Center

Incredible diversity with good bamboo, varzea and terra firme. Thus you can get all Manu and Tambopata specialists at a very decent price. Departures from Lima on Thursdays. Perfect for someone who only wants a short stay, but it is also a fantastic place to spend a longer session of 14 days.

Machu Picchu and Manu for less able walkers

This is a complete rain forest trip for someone that has a hard time walking long stretches or needs some aid to walk like crutches or a stroller. It is not suited for wheelchairs however. We bring stools so you can sit down frequently if you need to.

Manu mammals and birds - the Jaguar Safari.

A new trip that takes you into Manu proper where you have your best chances of spotting mammals.

Manu road - MST Comfort

15 days.

The Highlights of Manu - One Week get-away

It is becoming clear to us that many clients want week long trips that only requieres taking five days off from work (in this case six days), and in spite that we recommend to do the complete Manu in 22 days, there is a demand for a complete Manu trip over two weekends and the days between. Since we always try to cater for all needs...we here proudly present the ultra consice "The highlights of Manu".

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