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Birding North Peru


With the new lodge at Abra Patricia and Kolibri Expeditions's committment to support local communities to become part of the itineraries when their locations harbour very rare birds, our North Peru programs called for re-writing. Most birders should realize that there are simply too many birds in North Peru to see them all. There for we have produced a circuit that starts in Tumbes and ends in Lima. If you do the whole circuit it takes 43 days. Nobody has all this time, but since this shall be our core itinerary for years to come, you may always come back and do another stretch at a later date.

There are basically 2 core trips. One is Piura to Tarapoto, with a 4 day Tumbes section offered as a pre-trip that includes a pelagic, Tumbes forest and mangroves, featuring White-winged Guan, Abra Patricia Lodge and Marvellous Spatuletail and the other core trip is Tarapoto to Cajamarca, working more trails looking for endemic primates such as Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey and Alto Mayo Titi Monkey, as well as Antpittas and Long-whiskered Owlet and featuring Abra Patricia Lodge, Marvelous Spatuletail, Leimebamba, Gray-winged Inca-Finch and Gray-bellied Comet with the possibility to add Purple-backed Sunbeam and Russet-bellied Spintetail (the last bit offered as an extension). The first core trip is offered in two versions, a 7 day trip (no camping) or a 15 day trip with camping and supporting local awaruna indean communities when searching for Orange-throated Tanager. The second core trip gives the option to make a 6 day hike for Yellow-browed Toucanet, Pale-billed Antpitta and Carpish endemics.

There is also the Comfort MST style, short North Peru program for 9 days that starts in Chiclayo and ends in Tarapoto, featuring Chaparri and Abra Patricia Lodge.

Since the recent BBC filming of Marvelous Spatuletail lek with high speed cameras, incidently on the reserve secured by funds from Kolibri Expeditions, we have added a very short 5 day Marvelous Spatuletail twitch. The lek can be observed between December and May.

Also one may combine Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador to get specialities on both sides of the boarder.

North Peru 1: Tumbes and pelagic

This short pre-tour gives you many species that are usually not found on regular North Peru trips. The forest at Cerro Amotape National Park aka as Tumbes forest is spectacular and in very good shape. The mangroves adds several other species. Our new Tumbes Pelagic is a substitute for many marine birds only found on Galapagos. Don''t miss the opportunity to add these days to your North Peru trip.

North Peru 2: Piura-Tarapoto with Abra Patricia Lodge.

This is our new core North Peru program, which features an option of visiting Orange-throated Tanager and White-masked Antbird every other month. We also run it on request. Connect with pre-tour to Tumbes with pelagic (4 days) and extensions in Tarapoto (2 days) and the megadiversity trip back to Cajamarca (9 or 15 days) that explore more trails and makes it possible to look for rare endemic primates and birds, as well as a hike to see Yellow-browed Toucanet.

North Peru 3: Tarapoto days extension (2 days)

After a long trip it is nice to be able to have two easier days to catch up to do some laundry and have time to visit the internet. These two days are placed after our Tumbes-Tarapoto program and prior to the Tarapoto-Trujillo program.

North Peru 4: MEGADIVERSITY TRIP. Tarapoto-Cajamarca 9 or 15 days with trekking

Birds, Orchids, Butterflies, Endemic Primates and Yellow-browed Toucanet and Pale-billed Antpitta for those that do the trek from Leimebamba.

North Peru 5: Purple-backed Sunbeam and Russet-bellied Spinetail extension.

Short, quite rough trip with lots of driving, to get the very rare Purple-backed Sunbeam and Russet-bellied Spinetail.

North Peru 6. Peruvian Martin and Cordillera Blanca Extension

Short extension overland to Lima

Marvelous Spatuletail twitch 5 days  

THE Hummingbird of the Hummingbirds. Here is the fast and comfortable way to see it. This short 5 day trip to Northern Peru gives you a fantastic cut-through of the one of the most diverse regions on Earth. Marvellous Spatuletail is the key species, but many others such as White-winged Guan, Peruvian Plantcutter, Elegant and Marañon Crescentchests, Little Inca-Finch, Royal Sunangel, Little Woodstar, Lulu''s Tody-Tyrant and Long-whiskered Owlet will also be search for. This trip will give around 200 species in spite of its short duration.

NORTH PERU–SOUTHERN ECUADOR with Jocotoco Antpitta and Tumbesia endemics 22 days

Combine the Chinguela ridge with the key species in SOuthern Ecuador and end in Tumbes for the ultimate Tumbesian clean-up trip. Jocotoco Antpitta will be a main target duiring this trip.

Short North Peru getaway (9 days) featuring White-winged Guan and Marvelous Spatuletail

The perfect trip for those with little time. The trip is very intense, due to long distances and uncomfortable flying times. You only have to take a week off from work. Always Saturday-Sunday. Good hotels and no camping.

Archeology and birding highlights (10 days)

Inca, Moche and birding for those with limited time. Cultural highlights of Peru with many birds perfect for the mixture of birding/non-birding spouses.

Archeology and Birding: Marvelous Spatuletail and Machu Picchu

15 days. Highlights of all Peru.

Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds of the North.

Marvelous Spatuletail, Royal Sunangel and Grey-bellied Comet .



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