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Butterfly watching Satipo


Satipo had always been a butterfly trading area. Now butterfly watchers also enjoy this area and the local expertise.  We shall visit Rio Shima, Mariposa and and the Bayoz waterfall near Satipo. Rio Shima is the main purpose of the trip, a site that has been baited by butterfly collectors for  years and why thousands of butterflies concentrate in a small area. We shall camp in rustic conditions, but bring a cook from Lima which shall ensure that we are well taken care of in terms of food and drinks.

Additionally, we shall explore the road known by birders as Satipo road, where RainForest Partnership and Kolibri Expeditions have initiated a conservation project with the community making the area popular as the Colibri Cloud Forest Reserve. We'll work the famous collecting site of Mariposa (at 1200m) up to the basic hostel at Apaya/Calabaza (at 2500m).

The Bayoz Waterfall shall be visited as a day trip from Satipo.

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Day 0. Night bus from Lima to Satipo.

The bus to Satipo leaves at 9.30 pm and is surprisingly comfortable. The trip lasts about 10 hours. Seats are foldable so you'll be resting in near horizontal position.

Day 1. Satipo to Rio Shima

Arriving in Satipo at 7 AM and met by our Van to drive to Puerto Ocopa and on to the small community of Shima. From here it is a 2 hour easy walk, although there are some streams that need to be forded, before we reach our camp where we shall stay for four nights. 

Day 2-4. RIo Shima

Butterflies are everywhere as the site has been prepared by collectors with urine and dung and decaying fruit for years. There are many Morpho including the stunning Morpho rhetenor cacica as well as M. achilles, deidamia and didius, several Carias species, Marpesia Daggerwings, Callicore (88s), Agrias amydon and claudina, Prepona,  Doxocopa Emperors,  numerous Panacea prola, Phocides and Jemadia Paradise-skipper, Adelpha sisters, Riodinids, Pierids, Urania moths and numerous Swallowtails such as Papilio thoas.  On the shaded trails there are Glasswing Ithomiines, Brassolines and Satyrines.  Specifically rewarding may be a fresh Batesia hypochlora or a Calligo Owl.

Day 5. Rio Shima to Satipo.

After an additional morning butterflying at Rio Shima we shall return to Satipo for an overnight stay.  Hotel San Luis, Satipo.

Day 6. Catarata Bayoz

We'll make a day visit to the impressive Bayoz waterfall. Butterflies mentioned from this area include Eurytides, Smyrna, Callicore, Siproeta, Colobura, Rhetus, Anthanassa, Rekoa, Pseudolycaena, Doxycopa and many more.  Night in Satipo, Hotel San Luis.

Day 7-9 Satipo road - Colibri Cloud Forest

We shall start early from Satipo so we are in place near Mariposa (sic!) at 1200m when the butterfly activity starts. Catasticta, Pereute, Memphis and Parides are some of the genus that are found here.  Morphos include cacica, didius and the yellow under-winged aurorae. Papilios include thoas, paeon and zagreus. We shall also pay a visit to the newly opened butterfly house here, which is an intent to provide specimens to collectors.  
Higher up there are many endemic species.  The area is poorly documented by butterfly watchers, so there will be some interesting exploration to do. We shall be based at the basic hostel that the people at Apaya/Calabazas have put up together with Rainforest Partnership. 
On Day 9 we shall drive through Satipo and on to Tarma for an overnight stay.

Day 10. Drive back Lima.

After a hearty breakfast  at the hacienda outside Tarma and looking for additional species of Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae and Pieridae in the beautiful garden, we'll drive back to Lima via Ticlio pass. At the high plains there are various species of Colias.

We shall be back in Lima in time for evening flights out or if  you prefer to stay at a hotel in Lima.



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