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Manu community owned lodges 13 or 15 days - BUDGET!!


We are helping the local communities of Amarakaeri community reserve to put value into some recently built lodges in their communities. They have been funded by PNUD (UN fund for development) and FONDAM (Fondo de Americas of USAID). In spite of the name, this is just next to Manu NP and in the same drainage, so it could be marketed as Manu. Unfortunately, Wanamei (the Amarakaeri communities tour company) have a hard time selling their product. Last year they only had 20 clients all together! Bird watching could be the market niche.

The prices in the initial phase will be considerably lower than the current prices for birding in the area and it would help the locals to both acquire income and experience. The idea is to put turn these lodges into prime birdwatching lodges in a specific circuit with our expertise. Kolibri Expeditions and Wanamei is working in making a partnership that is beneficial for both companies.

This trip is for someone who already has done Machu Picchu and the sites around Cusco and wants to concentrate on the Manu lowland. This trip is nicely priced, because we have started cooperating with the indigenous community owned company Wanamei that owns 4 lodges in the region. Our recent scouting trip to these lodges has given fantastic yield that we now want to share this with our clients.
The lodges are still quite basic, and there are faults in the administration, due to the inexperience of Wanamei, but the birding is so outstanding, that we hope to be able to eventually help Wanamei, turn these lodges into the prime birding destinations in South Peru. The first year you shall be able to bird Manu for incredibly low prices, as experience running lodges is being gained. Obviously, Kolibri Expeditions will be supporting and helping out any way we can, so that the operation runs as smoothly as possible.

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

We got to see tons of birds and at a very good price, as well as experience a part of Peru that many people don't see. Again, thanks for setting up the trip and you will definitely see me on another Kolibri birding trip; Northern Peru and Ecuador sound awesome. Hopefully soon.
Josh Shramo. Colorado, US. Manu Community lodges May, 2010.

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