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Photo-Video Safari: Macaw-lick and Red Uakari 8 days.


Macaw-lick and Red Uakari 8 days photo and video safari.

Contamana in the Peruvian jungle is one of the most picturesque and beautiful Amazon villages, known as the Pearl of the Ucayali River. Contamana is popular for the thermal springs of sulphurous water, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna which is a part of the Sierra del Divisor Reserve Zone. The Contamana Municipality provides infrastructure and surveillance. Rather than ingesting clay like the Macaw licks in Manu and Tambopata, here the colorful Red and Green Macaw and Canary-winged Parakeet instead lick sulphurous hot water!

Red-and-green Macaw Photo: Alejandro Tello

At the famous macaw licks in Tambopata and Manu the photography distance is about 100 m, while here the hide is at only about 25 m. Perfect for photography.

Nearby there are stunning lakes and ponds and the hill forest represents one of the few protected sites for the rare Red Uakari, which is in relative abundance here.

In addition there are numerous groups of Saddle-backed Tamarins and Black-chested Mustached Tamarins. On a visit to the lagoons near Contamana it is common to see dolphins. One should also mention that if making an expedition to the upper parts of the hills it may be possible to find the Acre Antshrike, which was recently described from similar hill forest on the other side of the Brazil border.

Climate .- The climate is tropical all year round. The average temperature during the year is 26 º C. The average maximum temperature is 33 º C and the minimum temperature is 21.5 º C average. Annual precipitation is aproximadamente1, 570 mm with more rainfall between October and April.

Distance .- 40 minute flight Pucallpa-Contamana. 1 hour. Contamana car-Aguas Calientes.

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Chestnut-eared Aracari Photo: Alejandro Tello

Day 1. Laguna Yarinacocha, Pale-throated three-toed sloth

Flight Lima-Pucallpa. Visit Yarinacocha lagoon (20 minutes from Pucallpa. Appropriate place to watch and photograph wildlife including mammals such as Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth and birds like Black-throated Trogon, Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet, Barred Woodpecker, Black-backed Water-Tyrant etc.

Day 2. Aguas Calientes, Sierras del Divisor

Pucallpa-Contamana flight. Journey to Aguas Calientes in a car or motorcar. Birdwatching and scenery en route to the camp.

Day 3. Macaw Clay Lick (Red and green Macaw) and Red Uakari

Early morning we head to clay lick to wait for the Red-throated Macaws and Canary-winged Parakeets to come down to the lick. Later we shall walk some trails and search for the Red Uakari. Night photography. Camp.

Day 4. Return to  Contamana

Amazon wildlife photography with Sadle-backed Tamarin and Black.chested Mustached Tamarin before we return to Contamana. Overnight at hotel in Contamana.

Brasilian Tapir Photo: Alejandro Tello

Day 5. Ucayali oxbow lakes and river islands. Gray river Dolphin

Visit the oxbow lakes formed by the river Ucayali. In the afternoon flight to Pucallpa and Lima.

Day 6-7.  Addtional days photographing birds and mammals in the Contamana area. 

Maybe it is possible to do an ascent of the nearby hills to search for Acre Antshrike and more troops of Uacari monkeys on the way. 

Day 8. Return to Pucallpa. 

Once we return to Pucallpa and fly back to Lima. It is also possible to return to Lima overland.



Option: Photo-Video Safari: Macaw-lick and Red Uakari 8 days. Days: 8
Price: US$ 2240 (Minimum 5 people).
Less than 5 people: (see pricing)
Includes flights from Lima and flight to Contamana


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